Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Chapter Excerpt - 'When Darkness Falls' - By Author Murasaki Hideki

Today we will be getting a 'sneak peek' at 'When Darkness Falls'....to learn more about author Murasaki Hideki...search her name on my blog...or follow her links!

Chapter Excerpt: 
Slums like these were commonplace. But, he didn't pass through them  in order to tempt fate. He did it because he viewed humankind a certain way. It was neither welcoming of his existence nor rejecting of his presence. He had never once encountered trouble. The people of that sector were too absorbed in their own survival.

 Drake noted the piles of fly-infested garbage  and the stacks of rotting wood. The paint had peeled abundantly from  the walls of many of the buildings, making them look naked and bare. The faces that gazed longingly at him were thin, sallow, weak.

 The gloomy sky crowned the poignant scene, magnified by dark, incessant clouds.
 A man of undetermined age lounged towards Drake. He grinned, his teeth a nasty yellow, cracked and decaying. His clothes hung in sordid tatters from his emaciated body and he reeked as if he hadn't bathed in years. Drake eyed him. The man returned the gaze expectantly.

" Money?" the man croaked.

 No, no money. Drake shook his head. The man persisted. Don't push your luck, buddy. Drake moved away. The man followed him.

" Money?"

" For?"

" Food." The man's smile vanished. He regarded Drake with imploring eyes.

 Drake stopped. Several others came forward, their hungry eyes opened wide at the sight of the well dressed stranger. Slowly, Drake pulled out his wallet. In a deliberate and measured way, he counted out thirty dollars.

" Here."

 The yellow-toothed man gripped the bills in his grubby hands as if they were precious jewels. Drake nodded at him. The man slunk away. No word of thanks, huh? Drake shook his head and walked on.

" Mister." A small boy gripped his arm. 


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  1. Thank you, Paige! This is so wonderful!

  2. You are so wonderful & very talented too :) It was my pleasure really....don't be a stranger! Keep us posted & pop in and let us all know how you're doing from time to time :)