Sunday, December 2, 2012

Book Debut!! Two versions of the same song - By Author Susan Francis

Soooo Excited to introduce the second installment of the, 'Tales from Aintree Court', series! To read more about book one & author Susan the tag Susan Francis here on my blog! I LOVED the first one & Susan is a wonderful person, author & show her some love peeps!!

Two versions of the same song

By Author Susan Francis

What happens when a girl finds herself attracted to a guy who already has a girlfriend, and said guy finds himself distracted from his (almost) perfect relationship and turns his attention to her? The inevitable – they cross the line, right?

Serena and Paul meet through Paul’s cousins, Kai and Kristina Hansen, but barely speak until one night at his New Year’s Eve house party when they run into each other in the corridor. Following the events that occur that night, Serena and Paul find it difficult to ignore the growing attraction they feel for each other. The problem is Paul already has a girlfriend, his first love, Eloise.

Serena and Paul do their best to avoid each other until Kris brings them together to perform a song at her brother Kai’s 18th birthday party.

Serena learns that the course of teenage love doesn’t always run smooth, while Paul discovers that his first love will not necessarily be his last.

Two versions of the same song is a contemporary young adult romance about attraction, distraction, temptation and the inevitable.

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