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Tales of Aradia the Last Witch - By LA Jones - Excerpt

Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume One

Synopsis: Unknown to the humans who hanged innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials, real witches of the hidden race were slaughtered on the belief that they had betrayed the hiddens to the humans. Not one witch survived the genocide, or so it was believed for more than three hundred years. Until one day a girl named Aradia moves to Salem, Massachusetts, and all that changes.

Set Up: Since the dawn of time, supernatural creatures such as witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and shape-shifters have walked among the humans in secret. Under the belief that to reveal themselves to the humans would ensure their destruction the supernatural creatures decreed that no human should learn of their existence. Ever since then they have been known as the "hidden" race. Hidden from the world, hidden from the humans, and hidden from existence. Although the law to remain hidden was followed in the fifteenth to the eighteenth the centuries, many Europeans developed a heightened concern with the phenomenon of witchcraft. It wasn't until the Salem Witch Trials when the hiddens finally believed their secret had been exposed. The rest of the races believed the witches had been betrayed and so to preserve their secret they hunted down and exterminated them all. Every witch in the entire world was killed until the race of the hidden races was no more or so it was believed for more than three hundred years. But one day a girl named Aradia discovers the truth. She discovers that she is the absolute last of her kind. She is the last witch......................

*********Excerpt from Volume One


"We are innocent!"

The cry echoed in Rome's ears as he held his face stony still. He stood motionless at the head of the room and watched as his men executed their gruesome orders. Victims screamed for mercy before the noose silenced them forever. For the luckier ones, the drop broke their necks, killing them instantly. The less fortunate hung by their throats and flailed their feet, finding only the air for which their lungs desperately screamed. The rest watched in horror as their loved ones were murdered, all the while knowing they were next. The women's blouses were soaking wet from sweat and tears as their sobs competed with those of the children they tried in vain to protect. Many were dragged, weak as dolls and with a broken look in their eyes, to their places of death.

One, however, managed to break her captor's vise-like hold and raced toward the only door. Rome noticed her pitiful attempt at escape, of course, and leisurely headed her off. He grinned as he slammed the double doors behind him, completely blocking her only, dim hope of escape. Ever so slowly he turned and strolled toward her, still grinning and with fangs extended. The woman stopped, frozen by the menace he exuded. In a room full of evil, she could feel he was the worst of it all.

As frightened as she was, she mustered the courage to demand, "Why are you doing this to us? We have committed no crime!"

Rome scoffed loudly. "Oh but you have. The gravest of them all: treason.” He circled the helpless woman as he spoke. “For more than a thousand years we have remained hidden and kept the humans unaware of our existence, but you and your kind have betrayed all of the hidden race. The humans now know about you.

How do you suppose that happened, hmm?”

“I don’t know!” she cried. “Whoever told them of us, if anyone told them of us, it was no witch!”
Rome shrugged. “Regardless, there is only one appropriate response, only one way to make sure the leak ends here. You and your people know the law. By mutual decree, we of the hidden race must remain hidden at any cost. To protect the greater number of us, you must die.”                      


Thank you so much, to the very talented LA Jones, for sharing this tasty morsel with us!! I am definitely interested in reading more and following this series ;) Great work!!







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