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'The Healing Roads Journal' - By Arteria Stevens - Excerpt

The Healing Roads Journal

 Synopsis: "The Healing Roads Journal Volume I" takes you through the awe inspiring healing journey with Tweety. With a determined purpose you will be lead to your "Healing Roads", just as she has been led to her own healing. We all have pain, no matter what it is. No one is exempt from pain, but your life is meaningful and filled with purpose. "The Healing Roads Journal" will help you to become a better person, so that you can live a better life.

After you read this book you will come away victorious!

Volume I
By Arteria Stevens

For the most part, when people write their autobiography, it’s because
they feel they have something significant to share with others.
There are lessons to be learned in life that many people miss. What
makes our lives so significant on this earth is the fact that everything
has a purpose. Things don’t just happen. I looked back at all the painful
memories in my past with the intention to search for the significant
meanings behind those memories. I began to understand that
there was a purpose behind every painful event in my life. I realized
that everything painful and challenging in my life was designed to
grow me, move me, change me, strengthen me, and make me wiser.
This realization turned every tragedy in my life into a triumph. I
discovered that life’s journey is designed to be a victorious journey,
in spite of everything. Being healed from severe depression, low
self-esteem, the disease of pleasing people, marital and family problems,
and the stigma of abuse and molestation are what compelled
me to write about my life. Therefore, when I went back through all
the significant memories in my life, I saw a lesson in every memory.
Each lesson helped me to grow and mature to a new level in life,
so I opened myself up and put all of those memories on paper, in
order to be an example for others who may need encouragement in
their lives. Molestation was just one of those circumstances in my
life that helped me to grow throughout my journey in life. My book
is about growing and healing through life’s circumstances. As people
mature in life, they can all look back and see that they come from a
past. Everyone goes through pain at some point and time in their
lives. In many cases, there is at least one traumatic situation in our
lives that we can remember. Most of those painful conflicts get carried
throughout our lives in an unresolved state and they become
our issues. These very issues form our relationships. They affect the
way we raise our children, the way we deal with our marriages, and
the way we relate to others. In order to be in healthy relationships
and have healthy attitudes about life, many of our past issues need
to be resolved and healing needs to take place. I want to encourage
everyone who reads my books; no matter what circumstances they
have faced and are facing, to step out on their “Healing Roads.” My
book is also a celebration of my life. I can take the good, the bad, and
the ugly, and celebrate everything in my life with triumph now that
I understand there is a purpose for it all. Understanding the journey
of my life gave me a purpose for telling it all. My greatest lesson was
understanding that, “you can heal, you can move beyond 'unforgiveness,'
you can become a better person, and you can live a better life.”
At this time, I want to encourage you to begin your own journey
towards healing. Your life, no matter how insignificant you look at it,
carries a significant purpose; understanding that purpose is crucial
to growing in life. Take some time to write about your early childhood.
Think as far back as you can remember and begin to see how
much history matters to you. Write about a very happy time and
then write about an unhappy memory. After writing, reflect on your
reaction to both memories just to help you to understand just how
much of an effect your past has on you today. Think about how many
other memories lying in your subconscious may be impacting your
life today in ways you never realized.


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