Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning

Dark Seeker (Seeker #1)


For 17-year-old Seeker, Janie Grey, ridding the Baltimore streets of the undead is an inherited duty passed down from her Cherokee ancestors. Seeker Training Lesson #1: Never trust the undead. After her father’s tragic death, Janie creates her own life lesson: Love isn’t worth the risk. Both lessons are easy to follow until she encounters the flawed Kai Sterdam. At first, she believes he is the hybrid she is trained to hunt. But, when he has human traits, she determines she doesn’t know what he is. As Janie’s intrigue over who Kai is pushes her deeper into his mysterious past, she discovers a shocking truth that is even more harrowing than the evil they are up against. It’s a secret Kai wants to keep hidden, especially from Janie.

My Review

Just got this and I'm already digging it!!! Can't wait to get a little farther along.....

Finished.... It was a really fun read! Exciting and spunky. I loved the way the characters developed, and the complexity of the relationships. The secret Kai was hiding got me even more hooked. I suspected something and it was fun to see how it played out. I really enjoyed the way Taryn painted the picture of all the types of 'beings'. It was a nice change from Twilight...very fresh and original. I also enjoyed the backstories of Janies mother, Issabella. It was interesting to hear the stories reflected back, or recalled by Janie through her grandmothers stories. Fantastic job!!! This would make for a super series...just a thought!

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Quick Update...This is in fact a series and there are 2 others now available! Woot woot!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Butterfly Porcupine (Aintree Tales #1) by Susan Francis

Butterfly Porcupine (Aintree Tales #1)
by Susan Francis


Kai is an extravert. He likes making friends and hangs out with the close-knit group of teenagers who live in Aintree Court, West London, most of whom have grown up together and attend Aintree High School. At the end of the school term Kai's summer was all planned out: party, date the hottest girl around, play football, play basketball and pursue his hobby, taking pictures with his camera. He lands a job working for a professional photographer, and gets to spend the last weekend of summer at the Reading Music Festival.

Life is good. That is, until a new arrival to Aintree moves into the house across from his....

If Tasha could pick a superpower, she wouldn't have to think about it. It would be invisibility. Tasha is not a people person. At the end of term she leaves her old school, her mother and her friends behind and moves to Aintree to live with her estranged father, his second wife and their son, Marc. Tasha’s summer was all planned out too: settle in her new home, bond with her father’s family and (hopefully) keep a low profile. She soon discovers that not everyone in Aintree is thrilled to have her around.

Homesick and unable to fit in, life is not exactly great. That is, until she receives an unexpected, genuine offer of
friendship… or is it?

My Review

There were many things about 'Butterfly Porcupine' that captured my interest right away. First off, the characters are well defined and not perfect, which makes them relateable. Tasha, the female protaginist, comes off slightly agressive at times, but other times soft and empathetic. Because the book is written from both perspectives (the other part of the book I LOVED!), you really get a sense that you understand 'why' the characters are acting the way they are. For example, we feel the struggles with Tasha trying to adapt to being relocated to London, and accepting her Dad's new wife, whom she feels rejected by. In addition she is very private and hates the attention she is getting from being 'the new girl in town'. Especially in a community like Ainslee where everyone knows everyone else's business! Kai, the stories male protaginist, in contrast, has lived in Ainslee for years. The popular guy, who's friends with everybody. He has his own issues to deal with though we soon learn. Including being a good brother after his mother left the family to move to Australia. As she explores this we begin to see another side of him, separate from the 'cool kid'. You feel for him. This story is so much more than a mediocre coming of age story, and is anything but 'typical'! It has depth, emotion, a great story line and a well written dialogue. A quick read and highly recommended. I look forward to Susan's next installment!

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Teenagers (Alaska Teen #1) by Samantha Steele

Teenagers (Alaska Teen #1) 
by Samantha Steele


All her life, Samantha has felt a little awkward, like she belonged somewhere else - certainly not the cold blue mountains of Alaska. Her feelings are confirmed when a Ghost tells her a little story about her past and who she really is: a Sign. But the Palace is in danger, and its leader must know the story that Samantha has forgotten. The story about Zac and the high school Samantha attended. This is that story; this is the beginning.

My Review

This book blew my mind! Right from the start it got exciting, then just when I thought I had a pretty good idea what the 'mood' would be, and how it would all play out....Sam threw me for a loopy d loop. It was such a fun ride, the way she wrote from so many different perspectives. I don't think I've ever read anything done in that style before. But I LoVeD it! It was really funky and a little grimy. Almost like getting ping ponged into all these people's head space. I almost felt like a voyuer!! A HIGHLY recommended read! I plan on digging into the sequel 'Jailbirds' tomorrow....I'm excited to see how it all evolves. Thank you Samantha for writing, and sharing your work-It was such a pleasure reading it!

Silver Knight by Caron Rider

Silver Knight
by Caron Rider


When seventeen-year-old Diana recognizes an elderly priest in a video on YouTube, she realizes that reincarnation is real and that she’s been alive before! Every night in her dreams, she relives her past learning that it’s kill or be killed. Now a bishop at the Vatican whom she saved in another life calls on her once more. She is needed to help defeat evil within the catacombs of Rome. But when she arrives in Rome, she meets Alexander – the man of her dreams! Through the centuries she has loved him…betrayed him...been killed by him. Will she give him another chance or this time will she strike first?

My Review

A breathtaking read that kept me on the edge of my seat!!! Caron Rider is a fabulously gifted writer and I am so glad I stumbled onto this little novel. It was a quick easy read that was both exciting and edgy. There was a little of everything...even minotaurs and Goliath! It was clever and fun...a highly recommended read. Great for a sunny day on the beach! can't wait to read it again, I already read it twice! Guess it's time to pressure Caron for a sequel ;-)

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