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Interview with Virginia Jennings - Author of 'The Alien Mind''

Today we have an opportunity to follow up with a groovy, writer girl we met earlier this week, Virginia Jennings. We know a little about her book, 'The Alien Mind', (If you haven't read it search tag Virginia Jennings)....now we get to ask her some fun questions & get to know her!

Let's dive right in................

Where did you get the idea for your book?
I wanted to do some research on how futuristic space travel might work, so I headed to my local library. The idea came to me while I was reading some quantum physics theory books!

What does your title represent? How did you determine it?
My book is about Rivi’s journey since being abducted, how her life changes. She is taught by her alien adoptive parents who rescued her from Aruk captivity. It is because of all that she learns that her mind changes and she can do things like Amalgamate with computers and fold objects into the fourth dimension. The title The Alien Mind also represents the emotional changes she has to contend with as she is kidnapped, rescued, raised among aliens, sent away to live on earth, learns to make friends, and then captured and tortured by the Aruk once again.

Since becoming a writer, what’s the weirdest question someone's asked you?
Hmm, I don’t get very many weird questions. Most people want to know what it is like to have a book published, or how I come up with my ideas. Though I do have two weird questions that stick out. “Are you famous yet?” To which I laughed! And: “When you die, what do you want your obituary to say about you” which I found a little ‘twilight zone-ish’, at the time- my grandmother had passed away just the year before that question and her name was Virginia Jennings as well. When I googled my name, my websites showed up along with TWO obituaries under my name… my grandmothers, and another lady. It was really weird!

Which did you do first...pick a title or write the book?
I normally like to have the concept of the book in my head before I write down the title. The latest I have ever gone was 1/4th of the way through writing a book before figuring out the title.

What is your favorite book and genre to read?
My favorite books are plenty. I am especially fond of fantasy books. Fablehaven, Redwall, Twilight, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson- those sorts of books. I also like to read Science Fiction but the last good science fiction book I had time to read was a few years ago- the New Jedi Order series.

Do you plan on doing any book signings?
I am always open to doing book signings or school functions if I am asked. There is a small bookstore in my town that has invited me to come back for another book signing and I will probably do so in the future but I have no dates set yet.

What's next on your writing agenda?
I have a book tentatively called ‘The Sword of the White Knight’ that I would love to start writing down. It has been stuck in my head simmering for years! I also have a possible series that I am trying to work out that is tentatively called ‘Defenders of Madesteroc’.

Who's your biggest inspiration?
My biggest inspiration…really anyone who I hear of who has broken out of their box and succeeded at doing something that no one expected them to do! This list is long but it keeps me going. I am also inspired by my kids. My two youngest kids love books and my oldest is still on the hunt for that one type of book she can really ‘get into’. I love aiming to write something that I think they would enjoy.

What is your best childhood memory?
Hmm… I loved camping, and girl scouts, but I would have to say that my favorite childhood memory was being able to go to Space Camp down at the Kennedy Space Center for a week. The G-force simulator was my favorite. We also got to see the shuttle launch pad and the rover in person! We met an astronaut and participated in a mock shuttle mission. That was probably THE coolest thing ever!

Besides writing, what is your favorite pass time?
Besides writing, my favorite pass time is singing. I sing soprano and love to learn new songs. My second favorite pass time is spending time online in the ‘Where Writers And Authors Meet’ facebook group. There is never a dull moment in there and I have learned so much and met so many interesting writers and authors! In the evenings and on the weekends I prefer to spend time with my family, watching movies or finding new things to try out.

'Where Writers And Authors Meet' writers group online at
Where Writers and Authors Meet or
Where Writers and Authors Meet on Facebook

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Thanks so much for hanging with us again Virginia! You had some really amazing answers to my questions & it has been just delightful meeting you! I am looking forward to following your books and chatting again soon.
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Meet Author Sarwah Osei-Tutu - 'The Highs, The Lows, The InBetweens'

Today we will be meeting the lovely author & poet,  Sarwah Osei-Tutu. She will be sharing a bit about herself and her book, 'The Highs, The Lows, The InBetweens'. Please take a moment to click through the links & check out some of her sites.

About Sarwah Osei-Tutu, in her own words: I am a mother, entrepreneur, IT Engineer, poet and foremost a woman. I say this because, at times, we as mothers´forget we are individuals too. We hide under motherhood to excuse and justify our movements in life. I have 3 children aged from 17 to 1 years old, they keep my on my toes 24-7. They are the biggest aspect of my life. They keep me thinking of new adventures all the time, and sometimes they stop me taking some of them too. I am known to be rather wild at times.

A book of poetry written at each stage of my life.  Childhood, University Student, Mother, Married, Separation and a Single Mother. Life is tough for everyone. I believe that everyone has struggled through one aspect of their life, others every aspect. I do have faith that one day, it will get better and the journey will end with a stronger, wiser woman at the end of it.
Life can get you down, but it is how you deal with these struggles that make you the person you are today. I find writing helps me deal with every aspect of my life.  The pleasant experiences are written so that I can turn back and be grateful for the things I have achieved in life.  The unpleasant experiences are written, so I can overcome them and deal with the problems that I am facing at the moment. I am publishing these personal parts of my life, to help others see that they are not alone.  I am not an expert in any domain, I have not succeeded in any aspect of my life, but I try to learn from my mistakes and in turn, I have become wiser.  Knowledge gained by experience, rather than through a book or education.  Therefore, take this journey with me, through every aspect of my life, the highs, lows and the inbetweens.
THE HIGH, the lows, The In-betweens’
Sarwah Osei-Tutu
Published by:
Sarwah Osei-Tutu at Lulu
Copyright (c) 2012 by Sarwah Osei-Tutu

Frightened of life
Frightened of time
Frightened of tomorrow
Frightened of yesterday
Where should we go?
Where did I go?
Too frightened to answer
Too frightened to know
To know what is before us
To know what is behind us
What does it mean?
To know the truth.
What could it mean?
To find out what lies beneath.
Ignorance could be bliss
But it never brings about peace
The peace that conquers
The things that make us frightened.

The pain
The agony
The push
The pull
The screams
The cries
And then he came 
In my arms
In my life
At last we meet face to face
At last you are by my side
Those feet that used to push
Those arms that used to punch
That body that used to turn
That back that used to hurt
Right inside of me
No longer inside
Now on the outside
Rubbing my hands against you
Stroking my fingers along you
Poking you
Are you real?
Prodding you
Are you real?
Touching you
At last you are here
Here with me

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Meet Author Virginia Jennings

Today we Virginia Jennings is popping over as a stop on her blog tour ;) I am thrilled to introduce you to her and her writing...stop by again on 11/28/12 to read my interview with Virginia and be sure to follow the links below to see the other stops on her blog tour and enter her Giveaway!!!!

About the Author
Virginia Jennings lives in South Carolina with her husband, three kids, and two cats. She graduated from High School at 16 and was published by the time she turned 18. She is the author of two science fiction books and has plans in the works for two fantasy books as well. Her ideal evening is spent watching Star Trek or Eureka with her family over dinner. She enjoys playing putt putt and watching the latest sci-fi or action adventure movie. She does most of her best writing in the car as her characters prefer to talk to her while she is driving. Finding time to write down what they tell her- now that is where the real challenge is! When she is not hanging out with her family or writing she also runs the 'Where Writers And Authors Meet' writers group online at www.wherewritersandauthorsmeet.webs.com or www.facebook.com/groups/wherewritersandauthorsmeet

BOOK TOUR LINK: http://bit.ly/ReuIQT
On Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/virginialorijennings

About the Book
Title: The Alien Mind    
Author: Virginia Lori Jennings                                                
Category: Science Fiction                                                           
2nd Edition Published: October 2012                                                              
Format: Paperback and E-book                                    
Price: 12.99 (paper)  2.99 (E-book)  
ISBN # 978-1480111561
    In The Alien Mind, Young Rivinaig shares her adventures and trials that began on that fateful day when a group of aliens called the Aruk abducted her and several other children. Another group of aliens called the Aunantet rescue the children and raise them as their own. Their new families teach them how to harness the full capacities of their brains, enabling them to defy the laws of physics and develop special mental abilities.
    The past returns to haunt them as the Aruk plot revenge and make a bid to regain their control; the fate of the entire galaxy depends on whether the children can maintain their freedom.

Where to find the book:
Barnes and Noble (Nook): http://bit.ly/WzH8rA
Amazon.com (paperback): http://amzn.to/RgtpQX
Amazon.com (kindle): http://amzn.to/RNHPHD
For all other readers visit smashwords at: http://bit.ly/TGYL2s

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'The Healing Roads Journal' - By Arteria Stevens - Excerpt

The Healing Roads Journal

 Synopsis: "The Healing Roads Journal Volume I" takes you through the awe inspiring healing journey with Tweety. With a determined purpose you will be lead to your "Healing Roads", just as she has been led to her own healing. We all have pain, no matter what it is. No one is exempt from pain, but your life is meaningful and filled with purpose. "The Healing Roads Journal" will help you to become a better person, so that you can live a better life.

After you read this book you will come away victorious!

Volume I
By Arteria Stevens

For the most part, when people write their autobiography, it’s because
they feel they have something significant to share with others.
There are lessons to be learned in life that many people miss. What
makes our lives so significant on this earth is the fact that everything
has a purpose. Things don’t just happen. I looked back at all the painful
memories in my past with the intention to search for the significant
meanings behind those memories. I began to understand that
there was a purpose behind every painful event in my life. I realized
that everything painful and challenging in my life was designed to
grow me, move me, change me, strengthen me, and make me wiser.
This realization turned every tragedy in my life into a triumph. I
discovered that life’s journey is designed to be a victorious journey,
in spite of everything. Being healed from severe depression, low
self-esteem, the disease of pleasing people, marital and family problems,
and the stigma of abuse and molestation are what compelled
me to write about my life. Therefore, when I went back through all
the significant memories in my life, I saw a lesson in every memory.
Each lesson helped me to grow and mature to a new level in life,
so I opened myself up and put all of those memories on paper, in
order to be an example for others who may need encouragement in
their lives. Molestation was just one of those circumstances in my
life that helped me to grow throughout my journey in life. My book
is about growing and healing through life’s circumstances. As people
mature in life, they can all look back and see that they come from a
past. Everyone goes through pain at some point and time in their
lives. In many cases, there is at least one traumatic situation in our
lives that we can remember. Most of those painful conflicts get carried
throughout our lives in an unresolved state and they become
our issues. These very issues form our relationships. They affect the
way we raise our children, the way we deal with our marriages, and
the way we relate to others. In order to be in healthy relationships
and have healthy attitudes about life, many of our past issues need
to be resolved and healing needs to take place. I want to encourage
everyone who reads my books; no matter what circumstances they
have faced and are facing, to step out on their “Healing Roads.” My
book is also a celebration of my life. I can take the good, the bad, and
the ugly, and celebrate everything in my life with triumph now that
I understand there is a purpose for it all. Understanding the journey
of my life gave me a purpose for telling it all. My greatest lesson was
understanding that, “you can heal, you can move beyond 'unforgiveness,'
you can become a better person, and you can live a better life.”
At this time, I want to encourage you to begin your own journey
towards healing. Your life, no matter how insignificant you look at it,
carries a significant purpose; understanding that purpose is crucial
to growing in life. Take some time to write about your early childhood.
Think as far back as you can remember and begin to see how
much history matters to you. Write about a very happy time and
then write about an unhappy memory. After writing, reflect on your
reaction to both memories just to help you to understand just how
much of an effect your past has on you today. Think about how many
other memories lying in your subconscious may be impacting your
life today in ways you never realized.


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'Don't Touch Me' - By Arteria Stevens - Excerpt

Don't Touch Me

Synopsis: "Don't Touch Me Volume I" represents Tweety's protective wall built all around her as a result of her emotional pain. Tweety was brought up in a Black Holiness Church and raised in the projects of Atlanta, Georgia. Wounded throughout her childhood by sexual abuse, depression, low self-esteem, and a need to please... In her memoir, Tweety embarks on a journey of that is both painful and heartwarming; she learned that facing the pain has allowed her to heal. You will laugh and cry as you read through the pages of this intriguing memoir.

I was just sitting and pondering over my life and it dawned on me: I am the mother, wife, and woman that I am; divergent from the child I was raised to be.

Growing up in the projects in Atlanta, Georgia, I am the child
who smiled in the mirror again and again, but never saw the face of
beauty staring back at me. Brought up in a black holiness church,
I am the child who couldn’t comprehend molestation at the age of
nine when it happened to me. I am the girl who longed so deeply
for my father to just be Daddy all the time and never evolve into
the stranger he became at night during my eighth grade school year.
That transfigured the way I saw him forever. I am the anguishing
child who faced distressing hindrances again and again. I am the
child who got married at seventeen bolstering along all my baggage
of the past. I am the child who gave birth to a child.
I am the demoralized child who grew up to be the depressed
adult. I am the child gravid with low self esteem dragging it along
into my adult life. I am the emotionally mutilated adult.
I am the child who can tell it all now because of all the lessons I
learned growing up as that child.
As an adult, I needed to understand why things happened to me.
I’m forty-two now and finally healing. In the end, everyone will
know how I finally stumbled on to my healing roads.
I don’t need to pretend I’m perfect. I don’t need to be
afraid to reveal intimate details of my life. Life is a lesson and there’s
nothing embarrassing about life’s lessons.

In 1971, when we moved to Taliaferro Street on the west side of
Atlanta, I thought Eagan Homes Projects was a delightful place to
live. I was starting pre-school that year. Despite what I am about to
reveal, we had an array of blitheful days in our childhood. I spent
a lot of time outside playing with friends. I spent just as much time
uproaring indoors with my family. I had a brother eleven months
older than me, a baby sister, and of course there was Mama and
In 1976 we started attending church with Daddy’s cousin who
was also his best friend. His best friend was now a transformed man
having found God. He was no longer drinking and hanging out. As
time went on, the more we went to church, the more we began to
evolve. Daddy stopped drinking, smoking and hanging out at night.
I still hung around my friends when I was home but our beliefs were
changing so much.
Before Daddy joined the church, he didn’t go around his own
daddy because for some reason he was angry with him. He learned to
forgive over time, and one day we all went over to visit Granddaddy
and my step grandmamma. They were amusing and very affectionate.
They overindulged us with goodies and made us laugh all the time.
We enjoyed going to their house to see all the chickens and hens
they had in their back yard. They let us help feed them. They also
had lots of dogs in the backyard as well. Granddaddy had a wooden
leg and he walked with a limp. I never knew what happened to his
real leg. Granddaddy and Grandmamma always gave us money and
goodies whenever we visited them. I was glad Uncle Lynn, who we
refer to now as Pastor Nichols, talked Daddy into making amends
with his father. Daddy had often referred to his daddy as low down
and dirty. I never knew why and as a child, I never asked Daddy
questions about Granddaddy. Daddy and Granddaddy were finally
behaving like a father and son.
I liked listening to Granddaddy and Grandmamma talk. They
were both hilarious. I wondered if this was why Daddy was so comical.
Granddaddy was always picking me up and sitting me in his lap,
giving me the tightest squeezes and kissing me smack on the lips.
Daddy and Mama kissed us on the lips every night at bedtime followed
by “I love you” and “Say your Prayers.” No wonder Daddy
was so affectionate; his whole family was like him, I thought while
reflecting back on Granddaddy.
Granddaddy asked for more hugs and kisses than anybody I’d
ever seen. I guessed he was making up for lost time with his grandchildren.
He was always so elated.
As I sat on Granddaddy’s lap he shared funny adventures and
spoiled us with Coca Cola and candy. Instead of sitting my brother
Scootie in his lap, he gave him tight hugs. Scootie was ten and my
little sister Sonia was five.
For the first time, Daddy and Mama left us to spend the day with
Granddaddy early one Sunday morning. He cooked us breakfast
consisting of lumpy grits, runny eggs, and toast, which I didn’t like.
Instead, I settled for a glass of Coca Cola in exchange for helping
him clean the dishes and fixing Grandmamma’s medicine. Grandmamma,
who had been sick all week, was too sick to get out of
the bed. I took her a tray of soup with crackers. She didn’t seem
interested in eating anything but she thanked me for being her big
girl and taking care of her. She didn’t sound anything like the jovial
voice I found so intriguing. She seemed frail as she coughed up
every word she spoke. I rushed over to her with a glass of water.
She took two small sips before passing the glass back to me and collapsing
back on the pillow in a feeble state. She didn’t answer me
anymore when I asked her if she was okay. Granddaddy came in and
assured me she’d be fine once she got a couple days of rest. He said
Grandmamma had pneumonia, but he assured me that she would
be alright. He closed her door tightly so she wouldn’t be disturbed
before we walked back to the front of the house in the living room.
Scootie and Sonia were sitting on the floor playing with all the
toys Granddaddy had surprised us with earlier. Granddaddy pulled
out a new coloring book and crayons for me as he sat me on his lap,
and helped me color. He kept shifting me on his lap stating that his
leg was falling asleep. I compliantly continued to color and allow
him to shift me around on his lap.
Granddaddy sat patiently answering all of our questions and entertaining
us with funny stories for a couple of hours while holding
me on his lap. I was surprised Sonia didn’t climb up on his lap. She
wouldn’t have let me sit on Daddy’s lap for long. She made a big
fuss about being Daddy’s baby. Daddy told me I was his big girl, so
I didn’t mind letting her be his baby.
Eventually, Sonia tired of all the toys and climbed up on Granddaddy’s
lap as well. I started climbing down, but Granddaddy announced
he could hold both of his grandbabies. Sonia and I laughed,
and then Granddaddy asked her to color him a pretty picture like
the one I colored so he could hang it up on his wall. Sonia wanted
him to help her the way he helped me. I ended up standing innocently
between Granddaddy’s legs so he could use both of his
hands to help Sonia hold the coloring book. I even joined in and
helped Sonia with her picture while telling her how pretty it looked.
Once we were finished we asked Granddaddy if we could go feed
the chickens in the backyard. Granddaddy said yes. He rarely said
no to us about anything. We were running out the door to go around
to the backyard. I was the last to head out the door. Granddaddy
beckoned me back in the house before I could catch up with my
We hadn’t seen Grandmamma up all day because she was still in
bed sick and running a high fever.
“Tweety, you want a green apple?” Granddaddy discreetly whispered
in my ear. I nodded yes.
He put his hand up to his mouth to indicate I had to be quiet.
“You can’t tell Scootie or Sonia because I don’t have but one apple,”
he whispered.
It never occurred to me why he was giving me the apple. Maybe
he wanted to be nice to me since I helped him fix Grandmamma’s
medicine and serve her food earlier. I helped him wash the dishes
as well.
I figured I could eat the apple real fast before going outside to
help Scootie and Sonia feed the chickens. I loved green apples.
Granddaddy knew they were one of my favorite foods.
Granddaddy peered out the door. As I was looking towards the
kitchen, he locked the screen door. I walked in the kitchen expecting
to get my apple. Granddaddy came into the kitchen and sat in a
chair. I turned to look at him wondering why he wasn’t giving me
the apple.
“Where’s my apple Granddaddy?” I asked impatiently.
Granddaddy smiled holding out his arms toward me.
“Well, come here and give Granddaddy a hug first!” he said.
Granddaddy must have been about to thank me for helping him
today. I smiled proudly walking over to hug him. Granddaddy
squeezed me real tight pulling me close. He looked at me smiling.
“Now give yo ole granddaddy a kiss.” I smiled as I leaned forward
to kiss Granddaddy thinking he must’ve been real proud of
how much I helped him out.
Granddaddy grabbed a tighter hold on me when I leaned forward
to kiss him. He had his legs spread. He pulled me between his legs. I
didn’t panic because I didn’t have any inappropriate thoughts about
Granddaddy in my nine year old innocent mind.
Granddaddy was kissing me too long. When I started to back
away in an attempt to break the kiss, he leaned forward and kept
kissing me. He drew me even closer. I felt him pressing me up
against his body parts. I felt his tongue trying to force its way into
my mouth. My eyes were wide open. I couldn’t move my arms.
They were pinned to my sides. I started struggling against Granddaddy’s
All at once, Granddaddy was squeezing my backside and sliding
my dress up, pressing and gyrating my body against his. I felt as if
he was swallowing me up. I felt smothered.....

To read more of this heartbreaking story of betrayal, loss and ultimately Overcoming...

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Interview with Arteria Stevens Author of 'The Healing Roads' and 'Don't Touch Me'

Today we will be visiting with a dynamic lady & fellow writer,  Arteria Stevens. She will be sharing a bit about herself and her awesome book about pain, healing and moving forward.

About Arteria Stevens in her own words:
Arteria has evolved into a very philosophical, passionate, and motivational personality. Life has strengthened her and elevated her mindset.When Arteria embarked on her journey to write her story, she questioned her life in many areas. She decided to begin therapy which opened her mind up to understand and deal with her pain in a healthy way. Throughout her ten years of therapy she has studied, researched, and gained information and wisdom.

This is a difficult subject to discuss and I applaud your bravery and candor in sharing with us today. I hope this message will reach who is intended to see it... believe this was written for a reason.

Where did you get the idea for the novel?
When I initially began writing my books ten years ago, I was in search of healing and closure and I knew that it was necessary for me to face my fears of reliving the pain of molestation in addition to five attempted rapes. Even though my books revolve around my family life in the projects of Atlanta Georgia, and my church life, I decided to be very transparent and hide nothing about my life, so I exposed every skeleton in my closet. I wrote about things I never told a soul. My mother scurried up my stairs after reading my book, “Don’t Touch Me” for the first time and she gave me this look before she even began to speak. “I’m mad at you! Why didn’t you tell anybody all that stuff?....and that boy! I would’ve, oooh! And I used to wonder why you never went outside and I told yo daddy, she don’t never go outside! And ooooh! You had a miserable life!” I looked at my mom and smiled and then I laughed and said, “Mama, I didn’t have a miserable life. I had a good life.” My mother couldn’t see the things that I saw. I can take the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of my life and celebrate everything with triumph because I am stronger today. That miserable life had a lot of laughter and fun filled days built inside of it, and I had far more good days than bad ones. Yes I was molested by various men in my life, and yes I experienced five attempted rapes in addition to the molestation, but my tragedies are now my triumphs because I was able to get out of my sick bed of pain and tell my story and make it tangible for someone else who may be hurting. It was the positive discoveries that led to me writing an accompanying journal, “The Healing Roads Journal.”

Your title. Who came up with it? Did you ever change your title?
Because I changed all the names in my book, initially I was going to name the book after my character, “Tweety,” until I realized how much I used the words, “Don’t Touch Me.” If I was anywhere in public being approached by a flirting man, it wasn’t “Don’t talk to me” that entered my thoughts, it was “Don’t Touch Me.” I realized that those words represented my invisible walls designed to keep harmful men away from me, so I kept that title for my books.

Since becoming a writer, what’s the most exciting thing to ever happen to you?
The most exciting thing that has happened to me since becoming a writer was simply having the ability to see the personal growth and all of the life awakening, and life changing moments that come when you take the time to really examine your life and all that happens in it. There are many lessons built inside of life’s journey if you are willing to invest in yourself with a goal to resolve pain of both the past and present. Having closure in every area of your life is a wonderful gift because it allows you to live freely. No guilt, no shame, no blame, and most of all no anger. Writing has definitely been a gift within itself which is why I will keep writing myself into an even better, wiser me.

Which came first, the title or the novel?
The words began to flow from my heart long before I had any idea about a title. I was drawn to pick up a pen and paper and write my earliest childhood memories. It was as if those memories had been hanging around waiting for me! I guess I had been playing ‘hide and seek’ with myself because I found details that took me far back in my life as two years of age. I shocked my mama when I called her up and told her about the Mayfield Milkman delivering those bottles of milk to our door. I even told her how Daddy would use the empty bottles as water bottles and he would drink right from the bottles. “Well you were just two years old back then. How did you remember that?” I remembered me and my brother having to leave Mama and Daddy to go live with my grandmother when I was three years old. Ironically, I was having a phone conversation with one of my Auntie’s and she mentioned that I told my mother that she was a bad person when I was little. “I wasn’t a bad person!” she protested. “Well Auntie, I didn’t say you were a bad person, I said you used to whip me and my brother with switches everyday just to make us fall to sleep at nap time when I was three years old.” She humbly admitted and apologized to me, but was amazed that I remembered that far back in my childhood. She was just a teenager herself at the time. It wasn’t until I was writing that I was able to recall those memories. I never thought about my early years until I began to question my life which seemed like such a struggle at the time. My inner voice led me to start writing and I am so glad that I listened to what my heart was telling me. Many people, from Oprah Winfrey, to Joel Osteen who has one of the largest churches in the world, echo a lot of the words I put on paper ten years ago in their teaching moments in front of crowds of many. It all serves as confirmation that the books have a needed message not just for me, but for someone else.

What book are you currently reading or what was the last book you read?
Since I started writing my books years ago, I didn’t want to be influenced by anyone or anything but my own heart, so I intentionally closed every book I had, and I have tons of books. I wanted to make sure that my voice and my journey was felt on every page. I knew my story was significant to my growth, so I felt that it was imperative that I shut out every other voice for this voyage. I didn’t know how long it would take or how far I would have to go, but I am still writing. My books “Don’t Touch Me” are a three volume series accompanied by an individual journal for each book entitled, “The Healing Roads Journal.” I’m completing another book that I started writing ten years ago entitled “Life after Death.” This book is about my spiritual journey through severe depression, being healed, and never being depressed again. It includes the story of me going to heaven over ten years after being healed from depression. I share what happened while I was in heaven and what happened when I returned back home. I like all kinds of books from romance, self-help, mystery, and even children’s books. I love reading just as much as I love telling stories. I can entertain children for hours with happy stories from my childhood memories.

At a book signing, do you just sign your name or do you write a note? How do you come up with stuff to say?
My major book launch hasn’t happened yet but I do have plans for a book launching party here in my city of Loganville, Georgia. I did just get my first pre order of books and I autographed and mailed them all with a personal note to those early buyers. Because my books were designed to motivate, encourage, and empower others, I have a typed page of encouraging sentences that I pull from when I sign books, but if it is someone I know well, I speak from my heart like I did with my mom, sister, and daughter.

What do you want others to get out of reading your books?
My main message in all of my books were intended to show others that you can heal, you can move beyond ‘unforgiveness,’ you can become a better person, and you can live a better life. The books tell my stories that will make you both laugh hard and cry hard the same way you would at a good movie, and the journals, are encouraging, motivational, and inspirational. The journals also have a personal journal for every reader to write in, with guided questions and even space to write your own thoughts in order to lead others to their own healing roads.

What advice would you give to others who aspire to write a book someday?
The best advice I could give to anyone who has a desire to write is to first put their words on paper. That’s the first step. Get everything out of you that you feel you want to express, no matter what genre of book you are writing. Don’t worry about the order, or the style…just empty yourself. Once you get everything out of you that you feel you need to express, then congratulations! You are now a writer. Once you take a second look at all that you’ve written you will be able to put a clear order and style together and then you would want to start doing the research online and in the library on self-publishing and how to get an agent, how to write a query letter, rules of writing, costs and pro’s and con’s associated with self-publishing, professional editing, and everything you need to know about what it takes to self-publish. The advantages of having an agent and a major publishing book deal so you can make an informed decision about publishing your book. You will find that the “how to” information about publishing a book is easily accessible with tons of step by step guides. I happen to be self-publishing my book, but self-publishing may not be the best route for someone else.

What was the greatest challenge about writing your story?
The greatest challenge about writing my story was me having to face traumatic events as I relived all of the pain in my past. I was in tune enough with my spirit that I felt guided to pick up the phone and call a therapist and ask for help. As I wrote about my grandfather molesting me at the age of nine, I was remembering details that put me back in that fearful and helpless place. The tears fell fresh and it felt like I was nine again. Since I had already made up in my mind before I had even began to write, that I was not going to run from the pain any more, I decided to work hard on resolving the pain. Therapy proved to be a necessary tool to help me to understand all of the “why’s.” As I went from one event to the next, I didn’t move forward until I had satisfied every answer about that event and felt at peace with it. There were times when I had to pause for months at a time depending on how much work would be required to reach closure. Fear was my greatest enemy but it would always hinder me unless I defeated it, so once I embarked on my journey of writing, there was no turning back for me. Three volumes later and I succeeded! Our true source of power is in both knowing and understanding our history.

How has your story affected others and what are some of your upcoming books?
My story has awakened others to take a closer look at their own lives and begin to self-examine things in their past and present that might help them to reach some higher plateaus in various areas of their lives. Not everyone has a molestation story to tell but the common bond I share with everyone else is that we all have pain. No one is exempt from pain in life but I want others to understand that pain is a necessary part of growth in all of our lives. Our greatest challenge when it comes to pain is understanding, and finding the good in it. The good is always there waiting to be found. In the same way that my mom thought that I had a miserable life, while I believe I had a good life, it is all about perspectives. We have to look for the positive in everything because everything has an opposite. You have to choose to live on the positive side of life, and you have to do it on purpose by going in search of good replacements. It’s the same way God sees us in life. We may see failure but God always sees the capacity for greatness in our failures.
In addition to the titles I have already mentioned, I am writing a book entitled “My Cheating Man,” which is actually an encouragement for married couples who struggle with the issue of infidelity. Marriages can survive infidelity if you are willing to do the work necessary to understand the true root of the problem which lies within each of us individually. Other titles I am working on are “Perfectly Imperfect” and “Pounds of Pain.” Each book is yet another “tell all” about different aspects of my life. I have been blessed with a willingness to be totally transparent but I realize that transparency is not a common thing in many lives.

Learn more about Arteria Stevens and her books here:

***Special note from Arteria....
You can order from Amazon, Kindle and Barnes & Noble, and my books are also available in EBooks on those sites. You can also see inside the books on Amazon. Also, for more information on healing and moving beyond pain of the past and present and for support with a variety of issues from drug abuse, to domestic violence and sexual abuse, you can go to the website and find tons of information. You can also find my blog spot, and toll free support lines. You can also contact me. 

For ongoing updates and events, I welcome you to friend me on Facebook  Author Arteria Stevens on Facebook or  follow me on twitter The Healing Roads on Twitter
I welcome you to find me on LinkedIn under Arteria Stevens.

You can also write me at:
Healing Roads Publishing
PO Box 3220
Loganville, Ga. 30052

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A Lost Kitten - By Jessica Kong - Excerpt

A Lost Kitten

Synopsis: Seacat John McCall labels the attack on the Sea-anan Empire as a nightmare. He escapes the enemy’s invasion, only to find himself stranded on a distant planet called Surreal. Tormented by thoughts of his family being massacred or captured by the enemy, he focuses on returning to aid them until he experiences a mind-boggling kiss that can only come from the one he is meant to share his life with. To ease the terror he feels for his family, John seeks the identity of his secret admirer. He quickly learns the true meaning of nightmare when he discovers his soul mate is of “the mist.”


Jasira Eversole is drawn to the powerfully built outlander sitting at the king’s table. Unable to resist the need to see him again, she enters the warrior’s room while he sleeps. John’s rugged good looks and chiseled body compel Jasira to reach out and touch him. Being of the mist, Jasira knows she will not be able to feel John, but she cannot resist his pull. The richness of John’s hair, the firmness of his muscles, and the clean scent of his skin all take Jasira off guard. She swiftly realizes John is her intended mate. Now, Jasira must somehow convince the young warrior that they are two halves of one soul without chasing him off Surreal, leaving her to a lonely existence as mist.

She heard an odd sound.  Jasira realized it was coming from John.  She smiled.  It seemed he enjoyed her touch.  She leaned her hips against his back and placed more force behind her hands.  The sound coming from John intensified.

He could not help himself.  The purr escaped him.  The feeling was enjoyable.  There was a slight pressure and increased heat against his spine.  It felt like a body.  John again glanced behind him.  No one was there.  Weird, he thought.

Since the classroom was the only place he could find that was warm, he decided to stay for a while.  Taking a deep breath, John placed his arms on the desk.  He lowered his head onto his forearms.
The pressure on his spine indeed felt like a body—a woman's body.  His purrs deepended.  His thoughts drifted off to another place, a more pleasant place.  A place where there was no war, only a beautiful woman massaging him.

Strong fingers traveled along his spine.  John clenched his jaw and curved his back slightly, hoping to press her more firmly to him.  If it were not for how soothed and relaxed he felt, he would think the classroom was haunted.

Ten stress-free minutes passed before his mind considered the possibility more seriously.  His slow-paced heart picked up speed.  His closed eyes opened.  He stared at the wooden desk beneath his arms.  He focused his senses on the pleasurable feelings.  It definitely felt like a small body was pressed against his back while small, strong hands rubbed and molded his shoulders and upper back.  It felt real.  Very, very real.



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Interview with Melanie Toye Author of 'Entice Me'

Today I am thrilled to have Melanie Toye stop by and tell us a bit more about her hot new, chick-lit novel, 'Entice Me'

About Melanie Toye, in her own words:
I am a woman who seeks more from life. I am a dream chaser. My current dream is to become an International Best Selling Author. Yet I also hope to inspire others to chase their own dreams.
I have been writing all my life through many different forms and novels are what I enjoy to write best. Creating life-like characters and scenes that not only capture the readers interest but create another form of entertainment and hopefully inspire to greatness.

I love reading all types of books from chick lit, fiction, self-help books, inspirational books and stories and so much more.

I hope you enjoy reading my books and I would love to receive your feedback and hopefully how it enriched your own life.

Melanie Toye

Now let's get the goods on 'Entice Me'....

What is your book about?
Entice Me is about three women who are living their lives unsatisfied and unfulfilled but are unsure how to break free and live the life they really want. Which begs the question – what do they want from life? It is not until life forces them out of their daily routines that they are forced to discover what the world has to offer. Complication arises when one woman is set out to be the best in the business and when things don’t go her way no one suspects what she will do next.

How did you come up with the idea for your book?
Entice Me was created when I had just left a very demanding job that I loved but was treated very poorly. I had never felt fulfilled in any of the jobs I worked in and had spoken to many people who had worked in their careers for decades yet were unfulfilled, they were stuck. I wanted to create Entice Me to hold a motivating message through an entertaining story to not wait for life to force you to change paths, but to think about what are your ultimate dreams in life and each day work towards it.
After writing Entice Me, it seems my life has also changed directions, writing is my dream and at the time I didn’t realise it. I wanted to escape the rat race but I was not sure what I wanted to do. It seems I have been writing and telling stories all my life I just never realised it was my dream career until recently. Now I want more than ever to share with everyone to chase their own dreams. It can be daunting and push you out of your comfort zone to the max, but it is incredibly rewarding

What makes your book different than others in your genre?
Entice Me is a chick lit novel that pushes the boundaries that this genre would not normally write about. Drama, suspense, eating disorders, fraud and even suicide make this chick lit a book that will have you hooked to your seat wanting to read more.  What makes Entice Me even more compelling are the characters which can relate to anyone in any stage of life.

Who is your favorite writer? Why?
Currently it is Janet Evanovich, I love her characters, her writing style and the fact that I can’t put her books down.

What strange writing rituals do you have?
Now, I write mainly in the evening, so I like to have a cup of herbal tea and something to eat as I sit down and write. For sanity purposes I have a pen and notepad in every room of the house as well as in my bag and in my child’s pram because when I get a thought for a good story or just a conversational piece, I have to write it down as soon as possible.

Is your writing style similar to any well-known writers? If so, which one(s)?A good chick lit novel is one filled with girly fun and adventure, which is light and entertaining that will leave you smiling throughout the read. Entice Me portrays this and adds even more thrill to your read.
I don’t think I could really compare my writing to any one else’s, as all writers add their own uniqueness and specialty. I would say my story telling is combined with self-help as I want to inspire and send a message through my novels to chase your dreams in life but be sure to have fun on the way.

Who is your Muse?
My motivator is my son. I was writing before he was born but he motivated me to self-publish my novel and become a freelance writer. I love that I am showing my son that I am chasing my dreams and he can too.

What are your hobbies?
Writing! Generally all my spare time is spent on writing and marketing. But I love it. I love spending time at the beach and exploring new adventures and places too.

Does your main character resemble anyone in your family or circle of friends?
Most likely, one cannot help but write about personalities and traits that are known to the person. When my husband and brother read the first two chapters, they said ‘this sounds just like you’. Not that I would ever go around sleeping with strangers in a drunken manner and throw my underwear on their bed (as I am happily married!) but I guess my voice came through the novel, which is great.  Although once the characters where created the story just flowed through me, these characters created their own paths.

How long did it take you to write your book?
Longer than one would appreciate. I spent two years writing Entice Me, when my computer crashed I lost everything except for three chapters. I took four months off, when a friend suggested perhaps it was a sign to start again. Then I rewrote Entice Me again adding in Sally and Mr Perfect to really spice up the storyline. I believe most of the story changed but for the better. Took me another 1 year and a half to write Entice Me again. I was also working full time in another role. I would write in lunch breaks, at night time and on weekends.

What are some writing goals for the future?
My immediate goals are to become an International Best Selling Author. I would love for my novels to be turned into movies. And I will be aiming to write and self-publish some short stories and non-fiction eBooks as well as release my next fiction novel by the end of next year.  My main goal at this stage is to earn a full time living from writing.

If you were stranded on an island which book would you bring with you?
I would be sure to pack a notepad and pen so I could write my own story.

What was the most difficult thing you have learned being a writer?
When writing Entice Me I had to be absolutely focused to finish the novel. Then once I finished it, I had to let go of all my fear of rejections and go out and spread the word to the world about Entice Me.

Thank you so much Melanie for visiting with me and my tribe!! The book looks, pardon the pun, enticing!! Please keep us informed of your future projects, and stop back by from time to time to let us know how you're doing. To find out more about Entice Me, or Melanie Toye be sure to check out the following links:

Don’t just hide Entice Me to yourself....Tell all your friends they have to read it too. Then discuss which character each of you are most similar to!!

Peace Peeps

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Tales of Aradia the Last Witch - By LA Jones - Excerpt

Tales of Aradia the Last Witch Volume One

Synopsis: Unknown to the humans who hanged innocent people at the Salem Witch Trials, real witches of the hidden race were slaughtered on the belief that they had betrayed the hiddens to the humans. Not one witch survived the genocide, or so it was believed for more than three hundred years. Until one day a girl named Aradia moves to Salem, Massachusetts, and all that changes.

Set Up: Since the dawn of time, supernatural creatures such as witches, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and shape-shifters have walked among the humans in secret. Under the belief that to reveal themselves to the humans would ensure their destruction the supernatural creatures decreed that no human should learn of their existence. Ever since then they have been known as the "hidden" race. Hidden from the world, hidden from the humans, and hidden from existence. Although the law to remain hidden was followed in the fifteenth to the eighteenth the centuries, many Europeans developed a heightened concern with the phenomenon of witchcraft. It wasn't until the Salem Witch Trials when the hiddens finally believed their secret had been exposed. The rest of the races believed the witches had been betrayed and so to preserve their secret they hunted down and exterminated them all. Every witch in the entire world was killed until the race of the hidden races was no more or so it was believed for more than three hundred years. But one day a girl named Aradia discovers the truth. She discovers that she is the absolute last of her kind. She is the last witch......................

*********Excerpt from Volume One


"We are innocent!"

The cry echoed in Rome's ears as he held his face stony still. He stood motionless at the head of the room and watched as his men executed their gruesome orders. Victims screamed for mercy before the noose silenced them forever. For the luckier ones, the drop broke their necks, killing them instantly. The less fortunate hung by their throats and flailed their feet, finding only the air for which their lungs desperately screamed. The rest watched in horror as their loved ones were murdered, all the while knowing they were next. The women's blouses were soaking wet from sweat and tears as their sobs competed with those of the children they tried in vain to protect. Many were dragged, weak as dolls and with a broken look in their eyes, to their places of death.

One, however, managed to break her captor's vise-like hold and raced toward the only door. Rome noticed her pitiful attempt at escape, of course, and leisurely headed her off. He grinned as he slammed the double doors behind him, completely blocking her only, dim hope of escape. Ever so slowly he turned and strolled toward her, still grinning and with fangs extended. The woman stopped, frozen by the menace he exuded. In a room full of evil, she could feel he was the worst of it all.

As frightened as she was, she mustered the courage to demand, "Why are you doing this to us? We have committed no crime!"

Rome scoffed loudly. "Oh but you have. The gravest of them all: treason.” He circled the helpless woman as he spoke. “For more than a thousand years we have remained hidden and kept the humans unaware of our existence, but you and your kind have betrayed all of the hidden race. The humans now know about you.

How do you suppose that happened, hmm?”

“I don’t know!” she cried. “Whoever told them of us, if anyone told them of us, it was no witch!”
Rome shrugged. “Regardless, there is only one appropriate response, only one way to make sure the leak ends here. You and your people know the law. By mutual decree, we of the hidden race must remain hidden at any cost. To protect the greater number of us, you must die.”                      


Thank you so much, to the very talented LA Jones, for sharing this tasty morsel with us!! I am definitely interested in reading more and following this series ;) Great work!!







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