Monday, September 24, 2012

Teenagers (Alaska Teen #1) by Samantha Steele

Teenagers (Alaska Teen #1) 
by Samantha Steele


All her life, Samantha has felt a little awkward, like she belonged somewhere else - certainly not the cold blue mountains of Alaska. Her feelings are confirmed when a Ghost tells her a little story about her past and who she really is: a Sign. But the Palace is in danger, and its leader must know the story that Samantha has forgotten. The story about Zac and the high school Samantha attended. This is that story; this is the beginning.

My Review

This book blew my mind! Right from the start it got exciting, then just when I thought I had a pretty good idea what the 'mood' would be, and how it would all play out....Sam threw me for a loopy d loop. It was such a fun ride, the way she wrote from so many different perspectives. I don't think I've ever read anything done in that style before. But I LoVeD it! It was really funky and a little grimy. Almost like getting ping ponged into all these people's head space. I almost felt like a voyuer!! A HIGHLY recommended read! I plan on digging into the sequel 'Jailbirds' tomorrow....I'm excited to see how it all evolves. Thank you Samantha for writing, and sharing your work-It was such a pleasure reading it!

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